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Delivery every day 9am – 7pm

We make deliveries 7 days a week, from 9am to 7pm.

Our online store team has been increased

We have increased the size of our cleaning team so as to clean areas with greater risk of contamination more often. We have stepped up hygiene practices for employees and suppliers on arrival at our facilities, in addition to compliance with social distancing during reception of goods, as well as the mandatory use of a mask or a face shield. All our employees, in contact with others wear gloves, masks and/or face shields.

We recommend payment by card.

Stepping up of all hygiene and safety measures (DGS)

Given the increase in demand of products in recent days, and as a means of streamlining the preparation of orders, we have implemented a temporary automatic product replacement procedure, to reflect availability. Some products may be out of stock.


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