An eye for detail…right from the outset

Avelino and Célia Apolónia have always been one step ahead of the game. Their ability to spot market potential has been an integral part of Apolónia Supermarket ever since 1983, when it was nothing more than a humble, 100-m² mini-market located in the family home in Vale d’Éguas on the outskirts of Almancil. This initial vision, specialising in new products entering the market at home and from abroad, grasping an opportunity that nobody else spotted, has followed the company throughout its evolution. Aided by a desire to please and a genuine interest in customers’ needs, whatever their nationality, the small concern gradually gained impetus, tapping the market for new, foreign, and gourmet products and paying close attention to the shopping habits of its customers. The mini-market was slowly extended, eventually making the leap to supermarket, and by 2001 the site was extended to its current 1.150 square metres.

Apolónia Supermarket can look back over many years of dedication to customer satisfaction. The family-run philosophy remains, despite the company now boasting more than three hundred staff members; despite the range and variety of quality products now numbering more than twenty-five thousand references; despite the recent opening of a third store in Lagoa; and despite ambitious expansion plans currently in progress.