Apple and Passion Fruit Crumble




• 4 medium Royal Gala apples
• 4 passion fruit
• 1 tbsp sugar
• 4 Bonne Maman Pecan biscuits
• 50g butter
• 1 tsp Margão Ginger/Citrus spices
• Icing sugar


Peel and quarter the apples • Cut lengthways each peeled quarter into three • Grease a baking tray with some of the butter • Place the apple on the tray, sprinkling with the spices and sugar • Bake in the oven (160ºC) for 15 minutes • Halve the passion fruit and remove the pulp from inside with a teaspoon • Spread the pulp and juice of the passion fruit over the apples and bake for a little longer • Keep for later • Grease two one-portion ovenproof dishes with butter and sugar, fill with the apple from the baking tray • Crumble the biscuits with a rolling pin, add the remaining butter, mix and sprinkle over the fruit • Bake in the over for a further 10 minutes and serve dusted with icing sugar

Apple and Passion Fruit Crumble