Cream of cauliflower stalks


Have you ever tried creamy cauliflower stalks soup? If you have some cauliflower stalks and leaves left over, don’t throw them away; use them to a make a creamy soup.


• Cauliflower stalks • Potatos (optional) • Onions • Olive oil • Salt and condiments to taste • Water


Sauté some chopped onions (to taste) in olive oil in a pan until golden. Then add the cauliflower stalks, cut into small pieces, and water until covered. When the vegetables are cooked through, season with salt and a choice of condiments. Remove from the heat and leave to cool slightly. Zap with a hand blender until a smooth cream.

Tip: use broccoli stalks instead of cauliflower. For a creamier texture add potatoes (to taste).

Cream of cauliflower stalks