Parsnip Soup


1 litre Alpro Soya Milk • 300ml Chardonnay Fiuza • 1 litre chicken stock • 200ml Milram Fresh Cream (30%) • 50g bacon in very thin slices • 1 pack of organic baby spring onions • 1 pack Président “La Motte” butter (80g) • 1 kg Parsnips • Flor de Sal Belamandil


Wash and roughly dice the parsnips • Melt the butter and sauté the parsnips for 2 minutes • Add the wine, reduce to 50% and add then chicken stock • Reduce again by 50% • Add the soy milk and cream and bring to the boil • Blend the mixture, season with flor de sal and strain through a sieve • Place the bacon slices on non-stick backing tray and crisp up for 8 minutes in an oven preheated to 160°C • Wash the spring onions and cook them for short time with some butter and mineral water • Season with flor de sal • Pour the soup into preheated bowls and add a bacon slice and spring onion to garnish

Parsnip Soup

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