Dry Clam Soup with Asparagus


Clams • Bread • Eggs •Milk • Green and white asparagus • Spinach • Coriander • Shallot • Garlic • Olive oil •
Hazelnut oil • Salt • Gelatine • Agar-agar


Dry Soup: Remove the outer skin of the green and white asparagus • Remove the tips • Sauté some sliced shallots in olive oil • Add the previous cut asparagus stems • Season • Leave to sweat for a while • Remove from the heat • Blanch the spinach and coriander • Add the asparagus and make a puree • Pass through a cone sieve • Add a beaten egg • Place in the oven preheated to 160ºC in covered cup in a bain-marie with cold water for 40 minutes • Remove the soup once it is dry • Keep to one side and serve in the cup

Peppered slither of milk: Add the agar-agar and salt to the milk • Add the gelatine • Strain • Spread the milk out on a tray • Place the coloured lettuce gel on top of the milk • Store in the fridge

Clams: Sauté the shallot in a dash of olive oil • Add the clams • Cover the pan • Allow the heat to open the clams and add some coriander at the end

Egg poached over a low heat: Poach the egg in water at a temperature of 65ºC for 25 minutes

Asparagus in a vacuum: Season the asparagus with olive oil and salt • Vacuum pack • Cook in boiling water for 3 minutes Sautéed Asparagus: Sautee the asparagus in some olive oil • Remove from the heat and season with flor de sal

Crunchy Bread: Break up a slice of bread into small crumbs • Sauté in a pan with dash of olive oil and two cloves of garlic

Presentation: Place the poached egg on top of the cup of dry soup • Season it with hazelnut oil and salt • Place on a plate with a black base, the asparagus tips, the milk slithers, the asparagus, the clams and the crunchy bread crumbs • Flavour with coriander

Dry Clam Soup with Asparagus

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