Partridge "Tourtière", with FoiGras, Ceps, and Truffles




• 1 partridge “SAGRA”
• 2 tbsp port
• 1 tbsp cognac
• 50g foie gras escalopes “Rougié”
• 100g fresh ceps (or dried “LA FUNGHERIA”)
• 50g fresh button mushrooms
• 17g Périgord truffles “LOU BERSAC”
• 10g chopped pistachios
• 4 curly kale leaves
• 3 chopped shallots
• Egg yolks and Parsley qb
• 2 pks puff pastries “BIMBO”


• 50ml red wine
• 50ml port
• 1 tbsp cognac
• 300ml veal stock
• Butter


Bone the partridge and keep the fillets and thighs to marinate for 12 h in a little cognac, port, truffle juice, salt and pepper • Finely slice the ceps and fry them in oil, before draining • Blanch the curly kale leaves and drain • Chop the button mushrooms and cook in butter with the shallots until their water has evaporated • Add the egg yolk • Mix with the ceps and a little chopped parsley • Fry the foie gras escalopes for 2 min each side and drain off • Take a 15-cm serving ring and spread out a cooked curly kale leave, the a layer of mushrooms, some truffle slices, the partridge, the foie gras, a second layer of mushrooms and second curly kale leaf • Place in the fridge for an hour

Reduce the wines and cognac until almost dry, add the veal stock and reduce a little • Season and whisk in cold butter until the sauce thickens • Prepare two 20-cm discs of puff pastry • Place in a pie dish, the place the partridge preparation on top • Cover with the second disc • Close by pinching together the two pastry discs • Brush with egg yolk • Bake at 200ºC for 10 min then a further 25 min at 170ºC • Remove from the oven and leave 10 min before cutting •  Serve and add the sauce • Accompany for example with a turnip puree seasoned with cumin and orange • pink Grapefruit Gratin with Amarguinha “Sabayon” and crystallised roses

Tip: “For this rich dish from France’s southwest, I suggest the Billecart Salmon Grande Cuvée. A 10-year ‘Millésime’ from the best pinot and chardonnay vineyards. For its rustic, ‘toasty’ nose and its lively palate, which allow the autumn flavours in this dish to be expressed”

Partridge "Tourtière", with FoiGras, Ceps, and Truffles

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