Melon and Aveleda Cocktail




• 2 honeydew melons
• 2 glasses Quinta da Aveleda ‘Vinho Verde’
• 2 tbsp sugar
• 2 sprigs mint
• 70g Serrano sliced cured ham
• 1 cup port
• Crush iced to taste


Halve the melons with a small knife, cutting in serrated pattern • Remove the seeds and make some balls with a melon baller • Remove the flesh from both melons, without tearing the skin • Chop the mint leaves, leave 4 sprigs for decoration • Heat the glass of port with a tsp of sugar and reduce to a syrup, keeping for later while ensuring it stays lukewarm • Sprinkle the melon balls with the rest of the sugar, the vinho verde and the chopped mint, mixing well and store in the fridge • Make some fine rolls of ham and bake at a low heat to dry for 15 to 20 minutes • Fill the empty melon halves with the balls and drizzle over the port wine syrup • Arrange the ham ‘sticks’ and serve chilled in a bowl, laid on crushed ice

Melon and Aveleda Cocktail