Thai Red Ray Curry




• 70g Blue Dragon red curry paste
• 3 tbsp peanut oil
• 400g prepared ray from Apolónia fish counter
• 1 tin coconut milk Desiam or Blue Dragon (400ml)
• 150g pumpkin
• 1 small aubergine
• 1 yellow pepper
• 2 small turnips
• 2 tbsp Desiam fish sauce
• 1 tbsp light brown sugar
• 2 sprigs basil


Cut the ray fillet into regular chunks • Heat the oil in a pan and mix in the curry paste • Add the vegetables in cooking order (the crunchiest first) and then coat well in the paste • Season with fish sauce and sugar • Add the coconut milk and leave to simmer • After 6 or 7 minutes add the ray and cook according to when the fish looks cooked through • Flavour with the basil and serve with white rice

Tip: You can also flavour with dried kaffir lime leaves
Recommended drink: Matcha green tea

Thai Red Ray Curry