Couscous Salad with Tofu




• 200g Couscous
• 1 Red onion, medium size, cut in julienne
• 50g Cherry Tomatoes cut in half
• 100g pre cooked mangetout
• ½ small Red chili, chopped without seeds
• 100g Grilled or oven roasted portobello mushrooms cut in julienne
• 100g Smoked tofu cut in cubes
• 10g roasted and chopped walnuts
• 1 Orange in segment
• Seeds of half pomegranate

For the seasoning
• Fresh corinder leaves
• Cumin powder
• Juice of 1 Lime
• Flor de sal and white pepper


Prepare the couscous and leave to cool in a bowl • Sauté the cubed Tofu in olive oil until the Tofu is slightly browned and add flor de sal • Add to the couscous in a bowl and season to your taste

Couscous Salad with Tofu